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30% OFF Select Flower:
Cannabiotix - Blueberry
Terraform Genetics - Terra Herer
Source - Animal Face
Source - Dosi Cake
Source - Simple Jack
Northern Emeralds - Champagne Toast
Northern Emeralds - Chapos Churro
Northern Emeralds - Ice Cream Sundae
Ember Valley - Kush Mints
The Cure Company - Mimosa
The Cure Company - Cherry Punch
Claybourne - Golden Strawberry
Mad Cow - Black Jack 
Maven - Medusa 
Maven - XX OG
Maven - Gelato Gas
Maven - Cherry Gas
Maven - Mandarin Gold
Maven - Brulee
Russian Assasin Boys - Kremlin OG 
Russian Assasin Boys - Green Wizard
Pina - Lemond Pound Cake
Pina - Belgian Waffles
Korova - Roze OG
Grizzly Peak - Sumo Smash
Grizzly Peak - Motherland
Knbis - SFV OG
Knbis - Blue Cookies

30% OFF Select Edibles:
Plus Gummies
Zendo - Peanut Butter
Zendo - Spicy Sea Salt Almonds
Zendo - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Breez Mints
Breez Sprays 
Kanha - Cosmic Citrus Gummies
Kanha - Tranquility Gummies
Oasis - Peanut Butter Cups
Oasis - Hard Sweets

30% OFF Select Vapes & Cartridges 
Dompen - Midnight Berry Disposable
Dompen - California Citrus Disposable
Dompen - Hybrid Live Resin Disposable
Napalm - B52 Live Resin Cart
Dosist - Arouse 100 Dose Disposable
Dosist - Arouse THC - Plus 100 Dose Disposable
Raw Garden - Berry Bliss Live Resin Pax Pod
Legion of Bloom - Black Cherry Punch Pax Pod
Friendly Farms - Black Jack Live Resin Cartridge
Bloom - Berry White Live Resin Cartridge
Bloom - Birthday Cake Live Resin Cartridge
F/eld - Zmoothie Live Resin Disposable Pen 
F/eld - Ztrawberry Rollinz Live Resin Disposable
F/eld - Purple Pineapple Express Live Resin Cartridge
Lowell - Garlic Cookies Cold Pressed Rosin Disposable Pen 
Lowell - Mimosa Cold Pressed Rosin Disposable Pen 

30% OFF Select Concentrates
Summit Boys - Fire OG Live Resin Caviar
Summit Boys - Cherry Fritter Caviar Crumble 
Cannatique - Blueberry Cruffin Sauce
710 Labs - Bootylicious #1 x Do Lato #10
Raw Garden - Citrus Cloud 
Lowell - Garlic Cookies Whole Plant Rosin 
Lowell - Banana Punch Whole Plant Live Rosin 
F/eld - Dosidos Premium Rosin
F/eld - Kosher Dawg Premium Rosin 
F/eld - Strawnana Premium rOSIN 
Honeybutter - Fatso

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