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A Guide to Celebrating 710 Day

Leave it to stoners to create a holiday based on words you can spell out on a calculator. July 10th is 710 Day, or Cannabis Oil Day (710 is “OIL” upside down, get it?) Unlike solventless oil, the origin of 710 Day is actually a little murky. We do know that the term surfaced on Urban Dictionary in 2011, Denver was the first to celebrate in 2013, and some even trace it back to TaskRok, a rapper credited with anointing this holiday. Whatever its genesis, it's here and now the second most popular cannabis holiday after 420. 

Oil first started making the rounds in the 1970s by Orange County drug distributors, The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, or as law enforcement called them, “The Hippie Mafia”. Made from Butane Honey Oil imported from Afghanistan, it was 10-30% higher in THC than flower. It regained popularity in the 1980s for the relief it offered to AIDS and cancer patients. In the late 1990s, closed-loop, solventless extraction was created and by the mid-2000s, dabbing hit the market.

Oil, extracts, and concentrates (and dabs, if you dare) are in the spotlight and, preferably, over a really hot flame. Oil is loved by cannabis consumers for its fast-acting, long-lasting, brain-blasting effects. Considered to be “smoke-free”, this method of inhaling is much easier on the lungs and preferred by those with respiratory issues or an aversion to harsh smoke. 

But oil’s true super power is its strength and potency as today’s oils can be up to 90% higher in THC than traditional flower. That’s a major win for those with chronic pain and illness (or those with an affinity to multi-dimensional travel). In the “old days”, meaning just a few years ago, you would need a hefty contraption like a dab rig and torch to partake in oil. Lucky for us, all we need now is a pocket-sized vape.

Don’t know where to start with oil? Allow us to recommend some of our favorites. We love any opportunity to celebrate cannabis culture, so this year from July 7 to July 10, we’re offering 20% off vapes and extracts. Find something you love and join us in commemorating 710 Day–no calculator required.

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